Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My "Not Really Old", Old Girlfriends

Check out these babes! These are some of my oldest girlfriends. I wish there was a better word to use in place of "oldest" because I don't mean it in the sense of our ages...I mean they're friends that I've had for a really long, long time. I don't think they're "old" at all!

This is us at our 25th High School reunion last summer (hey Mary, I had to crop you out of a photo...all the pics I have of you you're standing with one of the guys!) We had so much fun reconnecting. We had kept in touch over the years, but it was too sporadic. When you don't talk to each other daily, so much happens and you become too removed from each other's lives. Since my 20th reunion, I made it a point to put more effort into catching up with my girlfriends' lives. Five years later I can say that I've had many "old" friends come back into my life.

There's something so comforting about hanging with the girls you knew when you were a girl..before so much of life happened. It's really easy to forget who you are when you're caught in the many roles we women play...mom, wife, employee....Being with your girlfriends and listening to their stories about you remind you of who you are at the core.

We think we change so much when we get older, but I think the truth is that we really stay very much the same. We're a better version of who we were but we are who we are.
Here's a picture of us from a couple of weeks ago. We got together at our friend Lisa's house. What a joy it was to hang out, catch up, laugh and just be who we are. I can honestly say, I love and care about these women more now than ever!

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